• Two 3608 Cat engine driven 4-throw DR frames
    Two 3608 Cat engine driven 4-throw DR frames

    Booster Compressors offshore the coast of Trinidad & Tobago

  • Control Panel for Booster Compressor
    Control Panel for Booster Compressor

    Custom unit control panel, with Bentley Nevada monitoring system and PL1000E Cat communications

  • 3608 CAT gas engine
    3608 CAT gas engine

    Engine driven natural gas booster compressor

  • Recip Compressor
    Recip Compressor

    Caterpillar driving Ariel compressor

  • Vapor Recovery Unit
    Vapor Recovery Unit

    Motor driven recip with a VFD for speed control

  • Motor Driven De-methanizer and CO2 compressor train
    Motor Driven De-methanizer and CO2 compressor train

    A Facility in West Texas where we had 17 compressor control systems between 2 compressor vendors.

Want your controls  to be specfic to your compressor, want the graphic to accurately depict your process, want to know exactly what shut down the compressor?

                 Each control system is tailored designed, programmed, and commissioned to meet the project needs.  Before our systems are programmed, drawings have to be approved, cause and effects are approved, and the control narrative is approved. The control narrative is how the system will operate, written out so that our customers will understand exactly what will take place. This process gives the customer many opportunities to convey their wants and needs of the control system, and see what would be affected by changes.

            Graphics for the HMI are specific to each project. Symbols and color schemes can be chosen to match your company standards. We understand that in order to operate the equipment you need understand how the process is operating. We organize and animate the graphics to give more information than is needed, while not filling the screen will clutter.

            It can be a nightmare walking up to a shutdown compressor and not knowing what the cause of the shutdown was, possibly having to sort through multiple shutdowns that came in at the same time stamp. Our systems are programmed to accurately capture and display what was the cause of the shutdown.

Need a Doctor?

doctorWould you go to a GP when you need heart surgery?  No, you would seek out a specialist.  The same should be true for the heart of your plant, the utilities area.   

Ignition SCADA/HMI

ACC is proud to be regonized as an authorized system intergrator for Inductive Automation.


Ignition by Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation