• SAMA Diagrams
    SAMA Diagrams
  • Cause & Effects/Safety Matrix
    Cause & Effects/Safety Matrix
  • P&ID Development
    P&ID Development
Custom Design Print

Does your existing control panel look like a rat's nest?  Does Murphy’s Law dictate the operation of your equipment?  If so you should consider upgrading your control system!

With our custom design service we can painlessly upgrade your old system to modern controls and provide you with the necessary documentation to maintain the system for years to come.  Often we can duplicate operator interface controls to minimize retraining.


Applied Control Concepts can deliver and install a complete turn key custom control system to meet your needs or you choose what level of assistance you need.  


We handle Engineering/Design, fabrication, drafting, installation and startup in-house.  You will be assigned an engineer at the beginning of your project that will see it through to completion.  This provides a single point of contact.


Our documentation packages can include

  • I/O list
  • Wiring schematic
  • Loop sheets
  • P&ID
  • PFD
  • Safety matrix
  • Loop narrative
  • Operating instructions. 

 We can tailor these documents to fit our customer standards, using customer specific title blocks and logos. 


Compression     Custom PLC control and HMI panels· Pneumatic panels· Hybrid Pneumatic with PLC supervisory interface 

Power Generation     Custom PLC control and HMI panels· Custom integrated packages with power monitoring and governor  

Fired Equipment     Burner Management Systems (BMS)· Combustion Control Systems (CCS, Regulatory)· Dryer / Heater controls 

Process Control     pH and Effluent· Batch control and supervision· Skid mounted / custom OEM controls  

Need a Doctor?

doctorWould you go to a GP when you need heart surgery?  No, you would seek out a specialist.  The same should be true for the heart of your plant, the utilities area.   

Ignition SCADA/HMI

ACC is proud to be regonized as an authorized system intergrator for Inductive Automation.


Ignition by Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation