• Oil, Water, and Gas Separators
    Oil, Water, and Gas Separators

    CO2 Recycling Faciltiy where our system was used for safety and control

  • Pipe Lay Ship
    Pipe Lay Ship

    Lay ship would lay 4.5" to 12" pipeline, we installed a system for reading the back tension of the pipe as it is spooled on the ship.

  • Process Heater
    Process Heater

    Gas-fired heater treater for oil

Process Equipment 

Applied Controls Concepts, LLC can assist in engineering a control system for most industrial equipment.  We can assist in design from the initial stages through startup.


  • Process Seperators
  • Heater / Treaters
  • Scrubbers
  • Hot oil units
  • Thermo oxidizers
  • Water Treatment







Need a Doctor?

doctorWould you go to a GP when you need heart surgery?  No, you would seek out a specialist.  The same should be true for the heart of your plant, the utilities area.   

Ignition SCADA/HMI

ACC is proud to be regonized as an authorized system intergrator for Inductive Automation.


Ignition by Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation