Boiler Calibration

While boilers may not generate your facility revenue, they certainly can cost you money when they do not perform properly.

Boilers are often a forgotten piece of equipment until they are down.


We offer yearly or quarterly calibrations to ensure the controls and instrumentation are all calibrated and working properly.

Why are calibrations important?

NOx curve durring tuning

  • Reduced down time, improved reliability
  • Optimum combustion efficiency, lower fuel costs
  • NOx and CO permit limit tuning
  • Verification of safety functions

There are two major parts to boiler calibration.

  1. Field device calibration
  2. Combustion Test and Tune

Field device calibration       

This ensures the field devices are working correctly and are accurate.

Over time field devices may become stuck, damaged or just break. Device calibration ensures the device operates and performs properly

Combustion Test and Tune

The boiler is operated from low fire to full fire and the firing curve is adjusted as needed

This helps improves reliability, efficiency and verifies air permit limits are met.


All instruments that connect to the BMS (Burner Management System) and CCS (Combustion Control System) are isolated from the process and brought through the full range of the instrument and output signal are verified. Trip points are tested on switches. Valve operation and positions are checked and verified. Safety checks are down on the BMS. All checks are documented and submitted in a report, along with findings and recommendations of any potential issues.

Field Device Calibration

Field device calibration ensures all boiler hardware is operation correctly and can shutdown the boiler is an unsafe condition occurs.

The calibration will include:

Boiler Control Calibration

In addition to calibrating the field devices, ACC also tunes the boiler controls.  Boiler tuning is performed from low fire to full fire conditions.  The following is done to ensure the boiler control systems can provide reliable operation and operate at peak performance:

Services performed during calibration

                Don’t wait until you have instruments fail causing boiler shutdowns and production loss.

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