Monitoring wellhead data is critical for peak performance and minimizing downtime.  Our monitoring system will tightly integrate with your existing equipment to improve data flow to the main office while helping minimize field down time.  Our custom control solutions can include:

  • Remote monitoring field data including pressures, flow and pump jack VFD
  • Callout field operator when problem is detected
  • Monitor equipment from remote location using PC, tablet or smart phone

Systems can be installed in remote locations using solar panels and cellular modems to allow monitoring of critical production data without the need for personal to be on-site. 

Our systems can be quickly deployed and custom tailored to your needs.

 Remote monitering system

Applied Control Concepts is looking for the best and brightest, is that you?

We are looking for team members with the following traits:

      • Self starter - Can work alone with minimum direction
      • Dependable - Do what you say, be on time
      • Responsible - Take a task to completion, don't wait to be told what to do

......Above all we are looking for people who enjoy what they do.

We don't hire for specific project then go through lay-offs at the completion of a job.  We are focused on the long term growth of the company and view all hiring as long term employment. 

This page has our current job openings but we are always looking for skilled, motivated control engineers so please send us you resume even if there are no current openings or contact us with any questions.



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We can provide custom training courses for your facilities utility area.  All courses can be tailored to the plants specific need.  Courses are offered for the following levels:

·         Plant operations – Strong focus on proper equipment operation, basic operational theory, startup/shutdown ,  alarming and basic troubleshooting.

·         Plant Maintainence – Geared toward I/E and engineering; classes are focused on the control system and field devices.  Students  learn troubleshooting techniques for the site specific equipment as well as required system maintance.  Failure modes and recovery are taught as well as detailed troubleshooting for alarms and shutdown.

   Classes are taught at your facility on your equipment around your schedule.   Off-site training is also available


Current course offerings:

1.       Boiler House Operation:  This class focuses on basic boiler and fired equipment controls.  Students learn the proper operating techniques for normal operation, startup/shutdown, upset conditions and troubleshooting.  Operators will learn single boiler operation, multiple boiler operation and ratio/BIAS operation for multiple boiler systems.  DA operation, BFW pumps and other peripheral equipment is also covered.

When possible training is conducted on live equipment.  For new control system installations we can offer boiler simulators for training.  This allows operators to train on the actual HMI that will be used on the boiler once in operation.  A process simulator is used to simulate a running boiler and allows the operator to train in upset conditions without effecting steam plant operations.


2.       Reciprocating Compressor:  This class focus on the operation and control system maintance for large industrial reciprocating compressors.  Students learn proper startup/shutdown of the equipment as well as automatic startup sequencing.  Students will learn how to determine/adjust alarm and shutdown thresholds as well as troubleshooting skills.

This class is also offered as an option for customers who wish to train operations/maintance during equipment run tests, with select OEMs.  The training class is conducted on your equipment and operators have the opportunity to run the equipment before it is installed at you facility.    


3.       Site Specific PLC:   This class focuses in detail on the control system installed at your facility.  Training is conducted on normal system operation, routine maintance, uploading and downloading to a processor, I/O card operation and termination, communication and troubleshooting.  This class can be offered as a supplement to other equipment training or as a standalone class.  

Custom Engineered Control Solutions

We specialize in designing control system solutions to meet the rigorous demands of petrochemical, oilfield and gas processing industries, both domestically and internationally.

ccpp globe

Our core focus is delivering complete turn-key control system solutions for process equipment.  Our staff can work with you to customize a control solution to fit your companies needs.



Applied Control can provide new boiler startup services.  We can assist in starting up single point controls, parrelled positioned combustion panels, single loop controllers, or DCS governed systems.  Start up services include monitering flue gas emissions and adjusting