We recently completed a booster compressor project consisting of two 3608 Cat gas engine driven natural gas compressors in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our control systems were charged with the safety and performance of the entire skids. Each compressor had the capability of 20, 30, and 40 MMSCFD of natural gas. Our system would automatically load and unload as gas supply was varied to the unit. In their current configuration they are in parallel operation, so they are able to move gas in unison without starving each other.


                The system consisted of an Allen Bradley PLC for unit control and safety, a Bentley Nevada 3500 rack for rotating machine safety and monitoring with a System1 software package for predictive analysis. The communications were serial Modbus to the DCS, Modbus TCP/IP for displaying Cat engine data. A color touch screen HMI was used for all control function and viewing at each skid.